Sivi Pinot

Sivi Pinot



A varietal grown around the world and especially popular in the north-eastern Italian wine regions of Friuli and Veneto and better known as Pinot Grigio. This Sivi Pinot is a close neighbor just over the Slovenian border to the east. Produced in the Vipava Valley at Lepa Vida boutique winery. Each wine has been crafted by its dedicated wine maker at his multi-generational family run winery. This hand harvested 100% Sivi Pinot is full of ripe pear fragrance and a hint of acacia blossom, typical of the grape variety. Intense ripe fruit and supple texture along with apple and honey flavors. Harvesting these grapes early in the season ensures its crisp acidity giving it a clean dry finish. Lepa Vida Sivi Pinot is fermented in stainless steel tanks and always bottled as a single-variety wine.

GASTRONOMY: Serve with creamy dishes such as Spaghetti Carbonara and most fish and shellfish dishes. Also great with sushi. It is a versatile dry white wine with a crisp finish. Serve chilled.

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