Pinot Noir Grés Rosé

Pinot Noir Grés Rosé


From the Producer

Our diamond shaped label range is produced from handpicked grapes in Riquewihr and surrounding villages. We work with dedicated families of winegrowers that we have known or a long time and whom we trust because of the serious work done in the vineyards and the quality of their grapes.

The variety of different soils and terroirs allow us to create harmonious blends right at the press house and produce a reliable quality and style year after year.

Producing Rosé wine is very different from producing white wines because the grapes are not pressed when they arrive in the cellars. The grape berries will remain in contact with the juice during alcoholic fermentation in order to extract the colour contained in the skins. For Rosé this maceration is very short and immediately followed by pressing.

Pinot Noit Grés Rosé 2017 is half based on a "saignée" of red Pinot Noir and for the other half on a 24 hour maceration to enhance the aroma.

Racking, as in white wine, was followed by fermentation but no malolactic fermentation in order to preserve the freshness.



Vintage 2016 produced dry and balanced wines that combine nice freshness and steady aromas.

Appearance: Bright Pink.

Nose: Fine and delicate bouquet of red summer berries, dry but nice acidity.

Taste: Perfect during warm weather, it is an excellent thirst-quencher!

To Serve With: Pinot Noir Grés Rosé should be served chilled with buffets or picnics, charcuteries (cold meat), grills and salads. It goes well with white meat and chicken, light cheese as well as grilled fish. Ethnick cuisine can work well like for instance taboulé, lamb tajines or couscous. Desserts that are not too sweet or based on red fruit will match nicely with Pinot Noir Grés Rosé.


Alc./vol: 12.5% Vol.

Residual Sugar: 0.0g/l.

Acidity:  4.06 g/l (H2SO4) - 6.21(tart)

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